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Conservatories represent a beneficial way of extending a property without the same costs or upheaval associated with having a full extension. Depending on the conservatory design, it may not even be necessary to get planning permission for your new property addition.

Conservatory Design In Kent, Essex, And Surrey

Costs, and quality, can vary dramatically – ensure that you use a reputable but competitively priced conservatory company with Consumer Advisory.

  • Contact us with details of your project. A Quantity Surveyor will visit your property, determine your exact requirements.
  • Once we have this information, we will arrange for 3 reputable and respected conservatory companies to get back to you with fixed quotes.
  • You can either employ the quantity surveyor to project manage the building of your conservatory, or you can use the quotes to choose the best service and manage everything yourself.

An experienced quantity surveyor has years of experience in the industry, and they will be able to identify any potential problems early in the process. They will agree prices and deadlines and ensure that the construction company meets them. They will prevent additional costs and delays, and will be responsible for dealing with all suppliers and contractors during the completion of the project.

Conservatory Costs

Conservatories became popular during the economic crisis. They offered a more cost-effective means of increasing living space without having to sell an existing property and buy a new one. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means that custom built conservatories can be used for unusual spaces, and small conservatories can be added even when space is limited.

As well as being affected by the design and dimensions, the position of the conservatory, and the materials that are used, the additional features in your conservatory will have a direct impact on the cost that you pay for your completed room. For example, if you want to incorporate central heating into your room, this increases cost.

Although conservatory costs can vary dramatically, you should expect to pay between £4,000 and £7,000 for a small, standard sized, lean-to conservatory.

Victorian conservatories will cost around £6,000 to £10,000 for the simplest and cheapest option, while P-shape and L-shape conservatories attract a minimum cost of £15,000.

Costs can rise considerably if you have unique requirements or need any unusual elements.

Benefits Of A New Conservatory

  • The primary benefit of installing new conservatories is the additional living space that it affords the homeowner. The room can be used for anything from a sun room or study to a gym or games room.
  • A new conservatory is likely to be cheaper than selling your existing home and moving into a new property, while still enabling you to scale up.
  • If the conservatory matches the style of the rest of the property and offers genuine value to the homeowner, it could increase property value by as much as 7% of the property valuation.
  • A conservatory enables you to bring the outdoors inside. The glass windows and translucent roof mean that you can enjoy the sun all year round, while the natural wooden design that is common means that you can add wicker furniture and plants to give the conservatory a real outdoor feel.

Conservatory Style

Different styles of conservatory have different benefits and potential uses.

  • The lean-to conservatory is a simple conservatory and is usually the cheapest option available. The pitched roof slopes away from the wall, and these conservatories are typically used to extend the rear of a property and protrude from the main house. However, if you have an L shaped property rear, you can use the conservatory to fill in the blank space.
  • The Victorian conservatory is the most popular style available. It suits all property styles and shapes. It features a bay front and a steeply pitched roof. It also includes a detailed ridge design, and this is the style that instantly springs to mind when most people hear the word conservatory.
  • The Edwardian conservatory, which may also be called the Georgian conservatory, has become increasingly popular. It has a square or rectangular shape, which gives it convenient dimensions for laying out furniture and other accessories. There is no wasted space, and the sloping roof gives the Edwardian sun room real impact.
  • A P-Shape conservatory combines a lean-to and Victorian conservatory design. This type of design suits larger properties that have a lot of outdoor space available for use. The Victorian element of the conservatory design can be three-faceted or five-faceted. Because this, and the L-Shape conservatory below, extends in two different directions, it offers the versatility to incorporate two separate living spaces in your new property addition.
  • An L-Shape conservatory offers many of the same benefits as a P-Shape room; potentially more so. It combines a rectangular lean-to design with a square or rectangular Edwardian design. The straight lines mean that furniture can be pushed to the edge of the room, and no space is wasted.


There are a lot of potential uses for a conservatory. It acts as a compromise between a full extension and no extension whatsoever. It can also work as a compromise between outdoor and indoor space. Add some plants and natural materials and it will feel as though you’re sat in the garden rather than in a newly extended section of the house.

  • Create a new dining room with stunning views. Dining rooms can be quite dark and enclosed, and they tend to have multiple uses – they are games rooms to keep the kids out of the living room, they are homework rooms, computer rooms, and they offer an area to sit and eat. By adding a conservatory, you can create a light, airy, and beautiful space to eat, and leave the dining room for other applications. A breakfast room offers similar use to that of a dining room.
  • Natural light helps us concentrate, and this is something that is produced in abundance when you have a new conservatory. Turn your new conservatory into a study or a home office and you will have access to this natural light whenever you work.
  • Another common use for conservatory design is as a plant room. Essentially, this becomes a seating and relaxation area – add potted plants, use natural materials in the design and in the furniture, and you can create a space that feels like it falls somewhere between living room and rear garden.
  • Turn your conservatory into a gym, games room, or play room. The conservatory will basically become a separate section of the house, which means that you can let the kids go wild, or you can use the room as a separate gym.

There are many other potential uses for this room of the house, and a conservatory installer can help ensure that you get the right dimensions, the right style, and the right layout for whatever purpose you have for your new room.

Find A Conservatory Installer

When you use Consumer Advisory, we will arrange for a qualified Quantity Surveyor to visit your property. You can discuss your requirements, including the desired position, the likely use of the room, and the dimensions. The surveyor will look at your requirements. They will determine exactly what’s needed, including whether you will require planning permission, and they will provide these details to our network of trusted conservatory installers and fitters. You will receive three fixed price quotes, and you can even have your surveyor act as a project manager to ensure that everything is completed to budget and on schedule.

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