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Electrical Contractors You Can Trust

Selecting the right electrical contractor can be very difficult. All our accredited electrical contractors work under strict codes and processes so you know from the start you are in safe hands. There are a lot of companies to choose from, below is why you should use our accredited contractors.

Technical Competence

When it comes to electrical work, it is essential you choose a contractor with the relevant technical knowledge and qualifications as if work is designed or implemented incorrectly, the consequences could be highly destructive and even fatal.

Experience and Knowledge

Having the experience is key in this line of work, contractors can be technically qualified but being able to apply the right solution in a complex situation is where our accredited contractors come into their own.

Health and Safety

This section is one of the most important aspects when choosing the right electrical contractor. There are two areas our accredited electrical contractors cover the consumer market and commercial market. Both must cover all aspects of your safety as well as the safety of the contractors carrying out the works. There may be special health and safety requirements depending on the type of property or industry sector. All our accredited electrical contractors regularly work in the domestic and commercial sectors so you are safe in the knowledge that the works carried out in your home, commercial premises, public buildings including schools and health centres, as well as clients in hazardous industries such as construction and chemical manufacture. Your safety and the safety of our accredited contractors, the public, property and the environment is an integral part of the way our accredited electrical contractors carry out their business.

Detailed risk assessments and method statements are available for projects as required.

You expect the highest professional standards; our accredited electrical contractors can deliver when:

  • Working in a domestic location.
  • Working in high profile sites.
  • Working where discretion is required, for example security installations.
  • Working in social housing settings.
  • Working in schools and health centres.

Financial Stability

In today’s market this section should be of high importance in making your decision. If a contractor is unable to complete a job as planned this can cause you to suffer major inconvenience and added cost. Unfortunately, this is something we are witnessing more and more and is why you should choose our accredited electrical contractors.

The work undertaken by our accredited electrical contractors can be performance bonded on request through our their ECA memberships as well as our double indemnity guarantee. This means that if for any reason an ECA member is unable to complete a job or if there is a complaint the ECA will appoint another member to complete the work. We work as the double indemnity guarantee to ensure this happens.

You should ask for a written quotation from your contractor to ensure you understand the scope of work quoted for. Be careful when comparing quotes, ensure you are considering like-for-like and the specification matches your needs. If you are unsure or require more information then ask. A fixed price quotation is legally binding. Never appoint a contractor who works on day rate.

Of course, if you change your mind to the agreed specification or something comes up which is outside the agreed fixed price works then our accredited electrical contractors will raise a variation of contract fixed price with your and their agreement which ensures changes are billed accurately and transparently.



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