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Garden Maintenance & Landscaping

Garden Landscaping

Our accredited contractors can clear the site which will maximise the area inclusive or the removal of trees and are able to provide a vast range of finishes to suit your individual needs. Our accredited contractors services include paving, laying turf, creating artificial lawns, a vast range of gravel and resin designs, planting displays and decking

We are in popular demand and whilst we are happy to discuss your requirements and advise on best use of your space, it is best that you have given some good thought to what it is you require. Also give some thought to your budget prior to us providing a quotation as we will ask you these questions. We are not a high end, bespoke design service for prestige properties which result in big price tags. We work on volume and transform spaces swiftly for people who have a keen eye for beauty, practicality and their wallet. We make your space functional and usable according to your needs. We use the best value products to achieve what you want. This keeps cost down for you and us busy all year round with lots of happy customers.

Busy people nowadays tend to shy away from planting in their gardens but we can install evergreen shrubs that flower at different times of the year. This creates an all year-round usable garden. Your new garden will require little maintenance and your plants are hardy meaning you can have the beauty of a traditional garden without the work. We can finish any soil borders in a weed proof membrane and attractive stone of your choosing to keep maintenance to an absolute minimum. We pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable and reasonably priced landscape gardeners in Birmingham and the West Midlands. We can offer our services to cater to your needs and your desired finish.

Quality Lawns

All of our accredited contractors only use cultivated grade turf. This is a superior quality to the lawn most of their competitors quote for as standard (meadow turf). Cultivated turf is harder wearing and more resistant to weed and drought. Your turf is harvested and at your door within 24hours. These are differences that you may not notice at first, but they feel obliged to advise you on what is the best long term. In the case of new lawn, after a few months you will see what they mean and you’ll be glad you chose an accredited contractor. They even provide you with a lawn after care document so you know all about caring for your new lawn, however, they will be more than happy to maintain it for you, just ask for details.

Local Gardener Visits

As part of your garden maintenance service, our accredited contractors visit once every 3 weeks, they don’t push for fortnightly visits meaning we reduce your overall spend by 33% compared to most of their competitors. With their gardening tools and experience they still achieve immaculate finishes with less visits per annum meaning you have more money to spend enjoying your increased time now you never have to work in the garden again.

Garden Machinery

All our accredited contractors machinery and tools are top of the range for a professional garden or grounds maintenance service. They are petrol powered so you don’t have to be in for our visits or wait around for us to attend, meaning you can be at work earning more money than it costs for them to do all the hard, dirty work for you.

Fixed Prices for Garden Services

The price is fixed too! Some customers spend more, some spend less. Your fixed price depends on the size of the plot, the access and the specific tasks you require doing. Our accredited contractors are happy to meet with you or just visit your premises to provide a fixed price quotation. You can even email us an image of the garden for us to provide a price.

It is likely your garden will need a tidy up before your fixed low cost maintenance begins. This is no problem for them to do for you at all. Be sure to check out all the other services they offer including fencing, tree surgery, paving, turfing, landscaping, planting, clearances on a domestic and commercial scale.

Any Size Garden Cleared

What many customers see as a big garden clearance task, our accredited contractors see as a quick tidy up so customers are often pleasantly surprised at their prices. Want to know that price quick? Just upload a photo and email it to us. Our accredited contractors will then email you their price over and answer any questions you may have. They remove all the waste from your site included in the price and make use of chipping machinery to reduce waste costs of large volumes of green waste.


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