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Quantity Surveyors & Project Managers

Quantity Surveying Process

  • Cost planning, Estimating, Contracts negotiation, Procurement advice.
  • Preparing Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Tender Document, Monitoring Budget.
  • Preparation of Payment Application, certification and valuation of construction work.
  • Assessment of variations, Dispute resolution, preparing feasibility studies.
  • Cost control, Value engineering, advice on cost limits and budgets.
  • Whole life cycle costing, valuation for insurance purposes.
  • Advice on contractual disputes, preparation of final account.
  • Provide procurement and contractual advice.
  • Provide ‘Order of Magnitude’ costs for construction projects.
  • Refine, monitor and control costs during design development.
  • Prepare contract documentation.
  • Prepare tender reports.
  • Recommend preferred accredited Contractor teams.
  • Estimates tenure of the project.

Project Management

  • Agree precise specification for your project – ‘Terms of Reference.’
  • Plan your project – time, team, activities, resources, financials.
  • Communicate the project plan to accredited Contractor team.
  • Agree and delegate project actions.
  • Manage and motivate – inform, encourage, enable the Contractor team.
  • Check, measure, monitor, review project progress – adjust project plans, and inform the accredited Contractor team and liaise with you and ourselves through our on-line Portal.
  • Complete project – review and report on project performance; give praise and thanks to the accredited Contractor team.
  • Project follow-up – train, support, measure and report results and benefits to you and ourselves.

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