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Wood Burners, Chimney Liners & Chimney Sweeping

There is nothing more relaxing than wood burning stoves. Our accredited installers and manufacturers have over 35 years’ knowledge and experience. They can guide you in all aspects and options of wood burning stoves, fireplaces as well as installing chimney liners, cowls and of course not forgetting maintenance and chimney sweeping.

They supply and install the entire range of wood burning stoves and have established themselves as leading installers and suppliers, this brings a reputation for expert advice and a professional installation service. What sets them apart from others is their passion for wood burning stoves and the knowledge and expertise they hold, some of our accredited installers and manufacturers have worked in the industry for over 35 years. They are on hand to guide you on which model will best suit your needs and on its efficient and safe installation. Their product knowledge is second to none, so you can be confident that the stove you choose will be the right one, giving you many years of trouble-free pleasure and satisfaction.

Because of this knowledge and expertise, they are able to provide a comprehensive, one stop shop, supply all the materials carry out the installation inclusive of building works and liner installation if required which is tailored to your individual requirements. There are not many accredited installers that can cover all aspects of building work, electricity and gas supply, chimney lining and safety checks. Adding that these accredited installers are only a handful of companies in the country that specialise in the creation of truly individual, bespoke fireplace. They are very experienced at helping our clients to visualise their ideas and develop their designs that are both practical and beautiful, making the fire the most focal point of any room.

Why have a Wood burner?

Wood is a pleasure to use, Wood is a renewable fuel that’s good for the environment. Wood puts you in control. No darker cold nights. There is nothing better than the romance of a natural flame. You can heat an area and save some energy. Wood is very good for your local community. Most importantly Wood saves you money.

Therefore, our accredited installers and manufacturers offer you a complete stove installation service. They offer anything and everything you can think of to do with your fireplace and stove. From design to fabrication, chimney lining, construction & repair, chimney systems, fireplaces and accessories. They offer a range of fireplaces to complement your stove. Alternatively, they will make a bespoke design just for you. Carry out all works themselves and manage all trades coming into your home.

Remember prior to any stove installation, an engineer will attend your property to carry out a site survey. Now, they will carry out a thorough inspection of the chimney, fireplace and access requirements. They will check the flue length and opening sizes to make sure it is appropriate for your choice of wood burning stove.  All accredited installers are HETAS approved installers so you can be confident the work will be completed to the highest of standards and in accordance with the relevant building regulations.

Schedule of on-site survey process:

Measure the fireplace opening to ensure compliance with current building regulations

Check the chimney access and length of liner required

Check the construction of the fire chamber & hearths to ensure they comply with regulations

Confirm all measurements for the supply of any additional items

Confirm choice of stove is appropriate for the room & requirements

As a guide, a typical stove installation, including installing a chimney liner, can be completed in just one day. If building works are required then obviously, things take longer.


Chimney Sweeping, Liner change and some other useful information

One of our clients had a bird’s nest in a gas flue this can be a really serious danger. If the client had been using the gas fire there is nowhere for carbon monoxide to escape except to build up in the room and this could have resulted in deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

This situation was made worse because the client believed she couldn’t have a nest in the flue as there was a cage on the top. These are known as bird boxes as they offer no protection against birds but a lovely warm and rain free home for birds! To make things worse the terminal was clearly stamped with DO NOT USE ON A GAS FLUE. These terminals are more usually stamped NOT TO BE USED ON FLUES IN USE – and are simply unsuitable for use on anything but a disused chimney. If there is something stamped on a flue terminal there is usually a sound reason for it!

Therefore, our accredited installer swept the existing chimney and then fitted a liner fit for purpose and made some changes to the top of the chimney to help with the bird issue. Therefore, the installation became safe.

So please spread “the word from the bird” don’t rely on someone who has no specialist knowledge of what to install (builders often don’t know the right type to fit however good they are at building!) and if in doubt, please contact us and we will steer you in the right direction with our accredited teams.

Wood burners are fantastic. They look good, they’re cleaner and their warmth output is greater than open fires. But…and you knew there was one coming…they can be trouble if you aren’t careful.

Simply put, there is typically a steel liner installed from your stove up your chimney to take away the smoke. And this often catches out new owners of stoves. The problem is that stainless steel doesn’t last forever – and is quickly corroded if you burn wood and coal or smokeless fuel together – even in a multi-fuel stove.

This liner was installed in 2011 and gave up after 5 years. Whilst there is a warranty on most of these flues, there is also a protocol regarding what to burn. Multi-fuel stoves designed to burn both coal and wood – should only burn one or the other. Combinations of fuel can lead to production of a mild acid that can destroy stainless steel.

Using a reputable HETAS installer, following the instructions regarding the stove use and having the flue regularly swept will help but burning the correct fuel and not mixing fuels is essential – and not something that is widely known.

So, the lesson in our experiences, you call to have your chimney swept and this might highlight some serious issues that you must allow our accredited installers to carry out to make your home a safe environment.

Keep safe this winter – book a sweep now so you’re ready for the cooler season and, if problems occur you have time to resolve them!

For more information on this HETAS is a good place to start…there are some excellent booklets available that are free to download: HETAS

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