How To Get Gloss Paint Out Of Carpet – Top Tips

How To Get Gloss Paint Out Of Carpet
How To Get Gloss Paint Out Of Carpet

When you’re painting your home, it’s almost inevitable that you might drip gloss or paint on your flooring from time to time. If this has happened to you, you’re probably wondering how to get gloss paint out of carpet, as well as hoping that your carpet isn’t completely ruined.

In this article, we’ll share our top tips for removing gloss paint from your carpet, as well as sharing some suggestions for how you can prevent gloss staining your carpet next time you decorate your home.

Is It Possible To Remove Paint From Carpet?

It’s only natural that you will panic if you spill paint on your carpet, especially it that paint is gloss. It’s a well known fact that gloss stains clothes, carpets and pretty much anything that it comes into contact with, so it’s understandable that you will be worried. But is it possible to remove paint from your carpet?

The good news is, it’s perfectly possible to remove paint, and even gloss, from your carpet. However, it’s essential that you act quickly, as the sooner you begin the process of removing the gloss from your carpet, the more effective it is likely to be.

Read on to learn how to remove gloss paint from your carpets.

How To Remove Gloss Paint From Carpets

If you’ve dripped some gloss on your carpet, you’ll need to act quickly. The faster you can get started on removing the gloss from your carpet, the more successful you’re likely to be.

The first thing to do is to gently scrape as much of the gloss paint off your carpet as possible. Remember, you’re trying to get the paint out of your carpet, not spread it further. So, you’ll need to use a lifting motion, rather than a spreading motion. This step is best done while the gloss is still wet, as you may be able to lift some of the paint off the carpet before it dries and sets onto your carpet.

Next, take a paper towel or cloth and try to blot away as much of the remaining gloss paint as possible. Again, remember you don’t want to spread the paint, so avoid rubbing it.

For the final step, there are two different methods you can choose from. Whichever method you choose, it’s best to test it on a hidden piece of carpet before trying it somewhere obvious, as some carpets may become bleached or damaged as a result.

Method 1: Dish Detergent

Many people choose to try dishwashing soap first, as it is the least likely to stain your carpet. Take a few drops of washing up liquid such as Fairy and add a small amount of water to it. Soak a clean cloth in the soap solution, then press this cloth onto the paint stain. Then, remove the cloth and blot the area dry with a paper towel. Repeat this until the paint begins to loosen and disappear.

Method 2: Solvent

As gloss paint is oil-based, the most effective way to remove it from your carpet it by using a solvent. However, this does carry the risk of bleaching your carpet fibres, so it’s best to test it on a hidden area of carpet such as underneath the sofa before using it anywhere obvious.

Solvents that you can use to remove gloss from your carpet include white spirit, paint thinner, acetone, white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. It’s a good idea to wear gloves and goggles when using these substances, as they have the potential to cause irritation to your skin or eyes.

To use the solvent method, dip a clean cloth or kitchen towel in your chosen solvent and then blot it onto the dried gloss. This will help to loosen the gloss paint and it should begin to lift away from the carpet.

When you have finished removing the paint with a solvent, clean your carpet with soap and water to remove the product from your carpet. If the smell of white spirit is strong, wait for your carpet to dry and then sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on your carpet. Leave it overnight and then hoover it up – this should help to reduce the odour of white spirit.

Will WD40 Remove Gloss Paint?

WD40 is often used to remove paint stains from materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, glass and leather. However, we wouldn’t recommend using WD40 on a carpet to remove gloss, as it is likely to cause damage to the carpet’s fabric, leaving you with more of a mess than you started with.

home remedy to remove paint from carpet

What Home Remedy Will Remove Paint From Carpet?

There are a number of home remedies that you can use to remove paint from your carpet, such as using ice cubes or cat litter. However, we wouldn’t recommend trying them – here’s why:

Ice cubes will cause the paint stain to harden and become more difficult to lift off the carpet.

Cat litter may contain rocks and sand, which can cause damage to the texture of your carpet fibres when rubbed over it.

If you use either of these home remedies, your best bet is to follow up with one of the solvent methods that we mentioned above – but this is just an extra step that you don’t really need to be taking. The best way to remove paint from your carpet is by following the steps above, using either a solvent or washing up liquid.

Preventing Gloss Paint Stains On Your Carpet

The best way to ensure that you don’t damage or stain your carpet with gloss paint is to ensure that you carefully cover the carpet with plastic sheeting before you begin painting.

Another useful tip is to apply thick masking tape to the carpet around your skirting boards before you begin glossing. Aim to stick this tape as close as you possibly can to the skirting board, and don’t remove it until the gloss is completely dry.

Opting for a non-drip gloss paint can also help to reduce the risk of spilling gloss on your carpet, as the gloss is less likely to drip from your paintbrush or to run down the skirting board as you’re painting. However, you should never rely on this alone to protect your carpets.

If you do happen to drip some paint on your carpet, then use a scraper or cloth soaked in solvent to remove it from the carpet as quickly as possible. Following these steps should prevent any major damage from taking place and ensure that your carpet remains stain-free.

Will Nail Polish Remover Get Paint Out Of Carpet?

If you’ve spilt paint on your carpet, you might be wondering whether nail polish remover is an effective way to remove the paint from your carpet.

Whether or not nail polish remover will be effective will depend on its ingredients. That’s because it’s the acetone within nail polish remover that makes it effective in removing paint.

If your nail polish remover contains acetone, it will be effective at removing oil-based paint such as gloss from your carpet. However, acetone-free nail polish remover will not be as effective so should not be relied upon.

Before applying nail polish remover to your carpet, we’d always recommend doing a patch test on a discrete area of carpet, such as under your sofa. This is because acetone may bleach certain types of carpet, so it’s always best to check before applying it to a larger area in a more obvious place.

Does Alcohol Remove Paint Carpet?

You might be wondering whether alcohol will be effective at removing the paint from your carpet. Whilst alcohol may have some effect in removing paint from a carpet, it isn’t the most effective tool for the job.

As gloss paint is oil based, solvents such as white spirit, hydrogen peroxide and acetone are far more effective at removing gloss from your carpet.

How To Remove Emulsion From A Carpet

How To Remove Emulsion From A Carpet

The good news is that emulsion paint is water based, so it’s much easier to remove this from a carpet than gloss paint.

The best way to remove emulsion from your carpet is with a simple soap and water solution. Mix a few drops of dish soap such as Fairy with a little bit of water and apply it to your carpet with a clean cloth or piece of kitchen paper.

Try to avoid rubbing the stain as this may cause it to spread. Instead, apply a small amount of solution to the stain, wait a few minutes for it to soften and then blot it with a clean cloth or piece of kitchen roll. You’ll need to regularly replace the cloth or kitchen paper as it begins to soak up paint.

How Do You Get Paint Out Of Carpet Fast?

The most important thing when you spill paint onto a carpet is to act quickly. Starting to remove the paint before it dries is the single most effective thing you can do when it comes to removing paint from a carpet.

Hopefully the ideas above have given you a good starting point when it comes to understanding how to get gloss paint out of carpet.

Let us know your tried and tested tips in the comments below!