Specsavers Vs Vision Express – Which Is Best?

Specsavers Vs Vision Express
Specsavers Vs Vision Express

If you’re looking to book your next eye test, you might be debating Specsavers vs Vision Express. Whilst these two companies offer very similar services, there are also some differences that you need to be aware of, such as the price of eye tests and glasses at each store, and the customer service levels.

In this article, we’ll talk you through both the similarities and differences between Specsavers and Vision Express, as well as answering the question of which store is better once and for all.

Which Is Best – Specsavers Or Vision Express?

When it comes to choosing between Specsavers and Vision Express, it might feel like a difficult decision. There are many different factors that you’ll need to weigh up before making your choice. Let’s take a look at some of those factors to help you along the way.

Eye Test Cost

Price is always an important consideration, so you need to know exactly how much an eye test is likely to set you back at both Specsavers and Vision Express.

So, how much is an eye test at Specsavers? The price of an eye test at Specsavers varies between branches, but it is typically between £20 and £25, depending on where in the country you are located. You also have the option of adding a hospital grade OCT scan on to your eye test for an additional £10. To find out the exact price of an eye test at your local branch of Specsavers, it’s best to contact the individual branch to enquire.

How much can you expect to pay for an eye test at Vision Express? Vision Express sets their eye test price at £25, no matter which branch you choose to use. You also have the option of adding a hospital grade OCT scan on to your eye test for an additional £10. This means that you can be sure of exactly how much your eye test will cost with Vision Express.

Both Specsavers and Vision Express will set you back around £25 for an eye test. This means that both companies are relatively equal when it comes to the price of an eye test.

Type Of Eye Test Available

When you book in for an eye test, you might not be aware of the different types of eye tests that are available. The type of eye test that you have will depend on your specific needs and requirements.

Specsavers offer two types of eye tests – a standard eye test and an optional OCT scan. A standard eye test at Specsavers will assess your vision and eye health, and will take around 30 minutes to complete. An OCT scan is a more detailed test that uses advanced technology to take a 3D image of the back of your eye. This type of scan is usually recommended for people over the age of 40, or those who are at a higher risk of developing eye conditions. The price to add on an OCT scan to your eye test at Specsavers is £10.

Vision Express also offers both of these types of eye tests and the price of an OCT scan at Vision Express is also £10, on top of your eye test fee.

Customer Service

Let’s move onto customer service. What level of customer service can you expect to receive from Specsavers and Vision Express?

Both Specsavers and Vision Expresshave mixed reviews when it comes to customer service. Whilst there is an abundance of positive reviews of both companies online, each has its own mixture of negative reviews too. This means that it probably depends on the branch that you visit and the staff that are working that day as to the level of customer service that you receive.

This makes it difficult to directly compare the customer service levels of Specsavers and Vision Express, as it is subjective to the individual branch that you visit and the staff that you meet during your visit.


You’ll also need to consider the location of the optician that you choose. After all, you don’t want to travel for hours on end just for an eye test!

There are over 800 Specsavers branches in the UK. This means that you’ll never be far from a branch of Specsavers, no matter where you are in the country.

In comparison, Vision Express has approximately 550 branches across the UK. Whilst this number is lower than Specsavers, there are still many branches across the country, so you won’t have to travel too far to visit your local branch.

If location is a concern, it’s best to check the location of your local branch online before booking your eye test. This will enable you to find out exactly how far you’ll need to travel for your eye test.

Which Is The Best Opticians In UK?

So, which is the best opticians in the UK? There are many different opticians to choose from, including Specsavers, Vision Express, Optical Express, Boots and smaller independent stores.

The choice of optician is personal, and everyone will have different opinions when it comes to which is best. Whilst some people find that they get peace of mind by choosing a nationwide optician, others prefer the personal touch that they get from choosing a smaller independent business.

Are All Opticians The Same?

No. All opticians are not the same. Some offer more services than others, some have better customer service and some have cheaper eye tests. It is important to do your research before choosing an optician, as this will ensure that you make the best decision for your needs.

Who Is Vision Express Owned By?

Vision Express is owned by GrandVision, a Dutch company. Conversely, Specsavers is owned by the Perkins Family.

Both Specsavers and Vision Express are owned by different companies. This means that they may have different offers and services available, so it’s important to do your research before choosing an optician.

Are Vision Express And Optical Express The Same Company?

No. Vision Express and Optical Express are not the same company. However, they both offer optical services, including eye tests and glasses.

Vision Express and Optical Express are both optical companies that offer a range of services, including eye tests and glasses. However, they are not the same company.

Are All Specsavers Connected?

The company Specsavers is owned by the Perkins Family. However, each store is part owned by the store director, who owns a portion of the store. All Specsavers are connected to each other as they are part of the Specsavers brand. However, as each store is managed by its internal management structure, stores may be slightly different to one another.

Are Digital Eye Exams More Accurate?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that digital eye exams are more accurate than standard eye exams. However, they can be more convenient as they take less time. Instead of having to look through different lenses and say which is clearer, they automatically detect your prescription by measuring how you eye responds to light. This can provide a more accurate reading than a traditional eye exam in less time.

Digital eye exams can also be used to detect potential problems with your eyes. This can include cataracts, diabetes and hypertension. This makes digital eye exams a useful indicator of your all round health.

How Often Should You Go To The Optician?

There is no set rule as to how often you should go to the optician. However, it is generally recommended that you have an eye test every two years. This will ensure that any problems with your vision are caught early and can be treated.

You don’t need to go to the optician every two years if you have no problems with your vision. However, if you do have any concerns about your vision, it is best to speak to your optician.

If you have any problems with your eyes, you may need to see your optician sooner than every two years. This may be advised by your optician, or you may choose to book an appointment sooner if you have any concerns about your vision.

Are Opticians Part Of The NHS?

No. Opticians are not part of the NHS. However, optical services are available on the NHS. This means that you can have an eye test and/or glasses on the NHS, depending on your needs. If you’re unsure whether you qualify for a free eye test, it’s best to check with your optician.

Vision Express V Specsavers: The Verdict

Both Vision Express and Specsavers offer a great service, with a range of services available to meet your needs. Which brand you will prefer will depend on your individual preferences, as well as your geographical location.

In this article, we’ve discussed Specsavers vs Vision Express, explaining both of these optical retailers and discussing the differences between the two companies. Let us know your experiences with these brands and your preference between the two!