Smart Meter Not Working

Smart Meter Not Working
Smart Meter Not Working

Is your smart meter not working? There could be a number of reasons for the loss of connection, but the simplest (and most obvious) way to fix the issue is to:

  1. If your meter is plugged into the mains, unplug it and take it to the location of your electricity meter.
  2. Within close proximity of the electricity meter, hold down the “OK button” until the smart meter display turns off and then on again.
  3. This should reset the connection and you will see the message: “your smart meter is now paired” on the screen of your smart meter.

You’ll need an electrical outlet within 2 meters of your home’s electricity meter for this in home display screen to work properly. If you’re any further away, it may lose connection and/or show incorrect information.

This didn’t fix my smart meter issue

If you tried this step and your smart meter is not working, you should contact your energy supplier. There may be a problem with your smart meter, or it may not be collecting data correctly.

It is important to know how smart meters work. If you are concerned about smart meters, contact your local regulatory commission for information on smart gas and electric meter regulations in your area.

My smart meter is installed but I am renting

If smart meters are installed in rented accommodation, the landlord and the smart meter supplier should come to an agreement about installation and payments. Report the issue to your landlord.

My smart meter is causing my bills to be inaccurate

innacurate smart meter readings

Your energy bills should be more accurate than ever before with the new smart meter system. If you have not submitted your readings to an electricity company, they can charge retroactively for previous years and also refund money if there was a problem with their estimated payment calculator when processing monthly payments.

Your supplier is responsible for making sure that your electric or gas meter works properly. If you’re concerned with bills, contact them first before taking any other steps.


The first and second-generation smart meters have been installed in homes across Great Britain. The type you have depends on when your meter was fitted. You may see these referred to as SMETS1 and SMETS2, respectively and the version you have will depend upon when it was fitted.

Second-generation meters are helping to solve a lot of smart meter problems. These new models should not have many if any issues with their functionality and installation process, many people still have their old first-generation ones and these are being phased out.

How do I know if my smart meter is faulty?

check your smart meter

Most smart meters start showing faulty signs and symptoms (sudden spikes and dips in energy consumption or power) between 14-18months.

It’s not yet clear how the smart meter interacts with smart appliances, but research has found that many smart appliances can cause a domino effect of overages because the appliance simply turns itself back on to “self adjust.” (This is because there aren’t as strict protocols such as we have for electricity theft). The use of smart appliances may also be interfering with the signal from your smart meter, so you’ll find instances where people will return home after vacation and see an unexpected spike although they didn’t turn anything on while they were gone.

I switched energy supplier and my smart-meter stopped working how

If you’ve switched suppliers and the smart meter isn’t working, then it’s possible that your smart meter is not yet synced to your new provider. Contact them in the first instance to report this issue.

Will my smart meter stop working if I switch energy suppliers?

The newer second-generation meters should have no issues, users of the older first generation may need to upgrade. When you instigate the transfer to the new supplier they should be able to tell you whether you need to upgrade or not.

A significant issue with smart meters is that they cannot be easily adapted to suppliers. Particular when using smart meters of 1st Generation (typically installed prior to 2018). In general, when you switch suppliers, it’s a good practice to do some manual readings and you will continue to need to do so until your smart meters upgrade to SMETS2. All SMETS2 meters will be remotely updated.

If you’re not sure what generation smart meter you have, then contact your current smart meter supplier. They will be able to tell you which smart meters are in use in your home and whether it has the latest smart-meter software installed or not.

Find out how to read your smart meter here

My energy firm went bust and now my smart meter does not work

a smart meter

If your energy supplier goes bust, don’t worry! You will automatically be switched over to another company as per the contract agreement between you and the previous supplier. However, if that happens and your meter cannot communicate with its new network because it doesn’t have access through first-generation equipment, your new energy provider will be able to assist you with this.

Smart Meter ” Waiting for Current Data”

fixing smart meter issues

If your Smartmeter displays a message that shows the message “Await current data” it usually indicates a connectivity problem with your Smartmeter. It’s possible that moving your meter closer toward the electrical outlet in your home could correct this issue.

How do I reset my smart meter?

Locate the smart meter and remove the cover. There should be a small hole on the side of the smart meter. Using a paper clip or something similar, insert it into the hole and hold it for about 10 seconds. Replace the cover.

How do I know if my smart meter is faulty?

If the information found in this article does not help then you should contact your supplier who will be able to run diagnostic tests on your behalf.

Can a smart meter malfunction?

Yes, smart meters can malfunction and should be replaced.

What would cause my smart meter to show that no smart gas has been used?

If you have not moved into your house or if you do not use any hot water or central heating, the smart gas will show 0 smart gas usage only. If there’s something wrong with your smart meter then an engineer will need to visit the home and fix the problem.

Why does it say we can’t see our smart meters?

If you cannot see them on your home device menu, make sure you press ok after scanning for devices and wait until it comes up with smart meters.

A smart meter has stopped working – it will collect no data now

If this happens then there has been a loss of connection between the smart metering system and the home device that uses this information to work. If smart meters are not working then an engineer will need to visit the house and fix the smart meter problem for you.

My smart meter does not show smart gas usage

to fix a smart reader issue, move closer to the electricity meter consumer unit

This means that your smart device is not working correctly or that this information is being displayed incorrectly on the app or online portal. If you do not see any reading then it could mean that no one has used any hot water, appliances, heating etc in the past few days then you need to contact your energy supplier.

People also ask:

Why are smart meters important?

Smart meter installation is very beneficial because they help you keep track of how much electricity and smart gas you are using in your home, this is much more reliable than the older gas and electricity meters approach. You can use smart metering to help you be more energy-efficient and cut the cost of smart gas and electricity in your home. Your smart meter should not make your bills more inaccurate, but you should contact your energy supplier if you have any concerns about smart meters and smart gas and electricity consumption.

Do I still need a gas meter?

Yes, you do still need a gas meter. The smart meter removes the need for a gas or electricity reading. Smart meters readings are more reliable.

Electricity smart meter

A smart electricity meter enables you to measure how much fuel you are using and pass this via a UK wide data communications company network to your energy supplier.

Are there many common smart meter problems?

Common smart meter problems are becoming less and less as the first generation smart meter is now being replaced by more reliable second-generation types.

How much energy will I use?

Arguably less than before when you were taking manual meter readings. This is because smart meter readings (which is different to prepayment smart meter or pay as you go meter) allow you to manage your usage in real-time.

Can they be remotely upgraded?

Yes, smart meters are part of a national wireless network allowing them to send readings as required This is similar to a network used by mobile phones using radio waves. There are some reports that solar panels may interfere. If you experience issues due to solar panels then ensure that you have your meters installed by a professional who can deal with the energy supply on your behalf.

What about thick walls?

You may need to move your home display device if you have connectivity issues or experience a lost connection. A lost connection could be caused by any number of other issues but consider the actions as described in this article, first try moving closer to your electricity meter to obtain accurate readings.