Why Is Dominos So Expensive?

why is dominos so expensive
why is dominos so expensive

Why is Dominos so expensive? How can they get away with charging £15 for a thin crust, 3 topping pizza? They must be screwing us somehow…right?

Dominos pizza is expensive because they use high quality ingredients. When you buy a Dominos pizza, you’re also paying for the years of development that have gone into creating the pizza recipe, as well as the time of the staff.

In this article, we’ll explain more about why Dominos pizzas are so expensive, as well as answering some of the most commonly asked questions about Dominos.

Dominos Pizza Ingredients

Well, let’s start by looking at the ingredients.

1) Flour:  Dominos uses unbleached Italian “00” flour which is more expensive than regular plain flour. Flour makes up around 25% of the total cost for a pizza.

2) Water:  Water makes up about 55-60% of dough by weight. Luckily, water is low cost, making it a cheap ingredient for Dominos to use to make their pizza.

3) Yeast:  Yeast is more expensive than flour or water, but it doesn’t make up a large percentage of the dough. 4% yeast by weight is used for Dominos dough.

4) Salt:  Salt is also not very pricy. Only making up around 1-2% of the dough, salt is another cheap ingredient.

5) Sauce:  Sauce makes up around 10% of the total cost for a pizza, but this is where things get interesting. Tomato sauce is expensive, especially when you want to make it taste good. That’s why many companies use tomato paste, which is basically tomatoes that are cooked down into a thick paste with added salt and other spices. Dominos uses tomato paste, which is made up of several tomatoes cooked down for hours to produce enough tomato flavour.

6) Cheese:  Cheese makes up around 10% of the total cost for a pizza, but this is one area where Dominos really stands out. It’s not that expensive to get decent quality cheese, but it is more expensive than buying cheap pizza that uses mozzarella.

7) Toppings:  Toppings make up around 15% of the total cost for a pizza. However, this depends on the toppings that you choose. For example, meat toppings such as chicken are more expensive to produce than vegetable toppings such as tomatoes.

dominos pizza recipe

Dominos Pizza Recipe

Now that we’ve talked about the ingredients, let’s talk more about how Dominos makes their dough.

Dominos uses an 8 step process to make its dough, which is part of the reason why it tastes so good.

1) Autolyse: After measuring out all of the ingredients into a large bowl, they mix the ingredients for around 3 minutes. This step is called autolyse – where you let your dough rest and hydrate before mixing it more thoroughly. Autolyse is a vital part of dough development because it reduces mixing time and minimises oxidation which can lead to off flavours in the dough.

2) Mixing: After autolyse, the dough is mixed at low speed for around 5 minutes. If you’ve ever wondered why Dominos dough mixers are so loud – this is why.

3) Bulk Fermentation: Bulk fermentation takes place in a temperature controlled proofing cabinet for 1-2 hours, depending on how warm it is. During this time, the dough rises and doubles in size.

4) Punch Down: The dough is punched down to degas it and redistribute the yeast, as well as bring the dough together into a more manageable shape for rolling out.

5) Stretch and Form: After punching down, the dough is divided and formed into balls ready for rolling out using a sheeter.

6) Proofing: The dough is proofed in 30 minute stages in a special cabinet which keeps a constant +28 degrees Celsius and 95% humidity to ensure the dough rises properly. During this time, the yeast continues to produce CO2 bubbles that make the dough rise into its characteristic airy structure.

7) Rolling: After proofing, the dough is rolled out using a sheeter and transferred to trays ready for cooking. It’s during this stage that sauce, cheese and toppings are applied to the pizza.

8) Oven: The pizza is cooked in a regular deck oven at 250 degrees Celsius or 482 degrees Fahrenheit for 8-9 minutes.

Is Dominos More Expensive Than Pizza Hut

Is Dominos More Expensive Than Pizza Hut?

Dominos and Pizza Hut are two of the most popular pizza delivery companies. But which of these is the most expensive? To answer this question, let’s take a look at the prices listed on the online menus.

For comparison purposes, we’re using branches located in the Sheffield area, to avoid any price differences that may arise due to location. It’s important to note that this price comparison does not include any deals, so it’s a good idea to check for offers before ordering if you’re looking to get the best price.

Margherita Pizza

First of all, let’s compare the price of a traditional margherita. The price for a large margherita at Pizza Hut is £17.49, whilst the price of a large magherita at Dominos is £17.99. This means that Pizza Hut is slightly cheaper than Dominos when it comes to margherita pizzas.

Pepperoni Pizza

Now, let’s compare the price of a pepperoni pizza. The price for a large pepperoni pizza at Dominos is £20.99, whilst Pizza Hut also charges £20.99 for this pizza. So, if you’re a pepperoni fan, you’ll find that the price is the same at both Pizza Hut and Dominos.

Vegan Pepperoni

It’s good news for vegans, as both Pizza Hut and Dominos offer a vegan version of their pepperoni pizza. Pizza Hut charges £22.19 for its Vegan Pepperphoni pizza, whilst if you order a Vegan PepperoNAY from Dominos, you can expect to pay £20.99. So, if you’re vegan, you might find that it’s cheaper to order from Dominos.

What Is The Cheapest Item At Dominos?

If you’re looking for the cheapest pizza from Dominos, you’ll usually find that the lowest priced pizza you can buy is a margherita. This is because this type of pizza is simply topped with cheese and tomato sauce. So, you aren’t paying for the toppings, as you are with a more complex pizza.

How Much Are Dominos Pizzas?

How much you’ll pay for a Dominos pizza will depend on the size of pizza that you choose, as well as the toppings that you order. For example, in Sheffield in 2022, a large margherita pizza from Dominos is £17.99, whilst a large pepperoni pizza is £20.99.

How Much Is Dominos Delivery UK

How Much Is Dominos Delivery UK?

You might be surprised to learn that having a Dominos pizza delivered to your door in the UK is actually free. However, it’s best to check with your individual branch before ordering, as delivery charges may sometimes apply.

Alternatively, you can choose to collect your Dominos order from your local branch. To do this, you can call the store directly or order through the Dominos app or website.

Why Is Dominos So Good?

The reason that Dominos is so popular is because of its customisable menu. This means you can choose the size of your pizza, as well as the toppings that you want on it. You can even order gluten-free or vegan ingredients if needed. What’s more, by ordering online or via their app, you can choose to pick up or have your Dominos pizza delivered straight to your door.

How Can I Save Money On Dominos?

The best way to save money on a Dominos pizza is by ordering online and choosing the deal that works best for you. You’ll find that many branches offer discounts when you order online, as well as deals if you order more than one pizza, or collect your order from your local store.

Is Dominos Pizza Overrated?

Whilst some pizzerias may be more expensive than Dominos, it’s worth noting that you get what you pay for. Whilst some high street restaurants offer cheap pizza in their lunchtime deals, the quality of the ingredients is often lower and this reflects in the taste and presentation of the dish.

Can I Order From Dominos Without The Sauce?

Yes, if you’re looking for a pizza without sauce, then you can order this. You can simply customise your order on the app when ordering, or call the store directly to make your request.

How Many Slices Is A Large Dominos Pizza?

If you’re planning to order a large Dominos pizza, you might be wondering how many slices of pizza you can expect to receive. A large Dominos pizza will usually be cut into 10 pieces. This makes this type of pizza ideal for sharing with a group of friends or your family.

Can You Eat Pizza The Next Day?

If you have leftover pizza, you might be wondering whether you can eat it for lunch the next day.

The good news is that it’s perfectly safe to eat leftover pizza the next day, as long as it has been stored correctly. This means putting it in the fridge overnight. If you want to reheat your pizza, you’ll need to ensure that it is heated to a temperature that will kill any bacteria. You can do this using an oven, microwave or air fryer.

In Summary

Dominos is one of the most popular pizza takeaways in England and it’s not difficult to see why. The restaurant offers high quality food at affordable prices, as well as a range of dishes that will suit different tastes and dietary requirements. What’s more, you can order online or via the Dominos app and choose to collect your order from your nearest branch or have it delivered to your door for free.

In this article, we’ve explained why is Dominos so expensive, as well as answering some of the most commonly asked questions about Dominos pizza.