Item Not Received PayPal – What To Do

Item not received PayPal
Item not received PayPal

Item not received PayPal? Luckily, when you pay with PayPal for items you’ve purchased online, you gain an extra layer of protection. This means that if anything goes wrong, for example you don’t receive your item, PayPal will refund the money to you.

If you don’t receive your order after paying through PayPal, you’ll first need to contact the seller to ask for an update. If you don’t get a satisfactory response from the seller, you can then escalate this to a dispute to get a refund through PayPal.

In this article, we’ll talk you through the process of what you need to do if an item you’ve paid for through PayPal doesn’t turn up.

What Happens If I Pay With PayPal And Don’t Receive My Item?

PayPal is one of the safest ways for you to pay online. If your seller doesn’t ship your item, it’s relatively easy to get a refund from PayPal. The first thing you should do is contact the seller and ask for a resolution to your problem. This may be as simple as asking for information about an order, or it could be that your seller will resend the item.

The next step is to open a request with PayPal after 14 days from receiving your item if you’ve still not received it. Read on to discover the steps you’ll need to follow to reclaim your money from PayPal.

How Do I Claim Money Back From PayPal For Goods Not Received?

1) First, try to contact the seller directly. Make sure you get your message to him/her in a timely fashion – otherwise your case could be closed by PayPal before you’re even able to speak with anyone. Ask if the item has been shipped and when it will arrive (if applicable). It’s also important that you know whether or not it is insured and for what amount; you should insist that the seller provide you with a tracking number.

2)  If your seller doesn’t respond, or says he/she shipped the item but didn’t use a tracking number, contact PayPal customer service and file a dispute. You will need to gather some information first:

  • The date of the transaction
  • Your name as listed on the account (and your e-mail if different)
  • The seller’s name and contact information

3)  Once you’re in contact with someone at PayPal, follow the instructions that person gives you. If they tell you to wait a few days and check back, do so until you get an answer. You might also be told to file a “dispute” to start the process of getting your money back. Make sure you do this, even if that’s not what PayPal tells you! Also, be patient – it can take a while for PayPal to get back in touch with you after filing a dispute.

4)  When PayPal makes a decision about your refund request, they will inform you of their decision via e-mail. The message will have a final response code, which should be “Case Closed”. Once this happens, your refund will no longer be held in PayPal’s account – it can be returned to your own bank account.

Will PayPal Refund For Item Not Received

Will PayPal Refund For Item Not Received?

If an item has not been received, PayPal will usually refund the money to the buyer. The only exception to this would be if the seller can provide proof that the item has been delivered to the buyer’s registered PayPal address, for example proof of delivery from a courier.

This refund process makes PayPal the online payment method of choice for many people, because of the extra layer of protection that it provides.

Will PayPal Refund Me If I Get Scammed?

Whilst the majority of online transactions go through without a problem, there are occasions where shoppers are scammed online. This could happen where a seller takes your money for a purchase and then disappears without sending the item. They may block your phone number or through social media accounts in an attempt to prevent contact.

If you have paid through PayPal goods and services, you should be able to get your money back if you are scammed. However, if you chose the friends and family option, you will not benefit from the same protection and could lose your money in the event of a scam.

For this reason, it’s important to always pay through the goods and services option when you’re making a purchase through PayPal.

Do Sellers Ever Win PayPal Disputes?

In the event that a PayPal dispute is opened against a seller, the seller will need to prove their case. They will need to show evidence of sending an item and will need both the tracking details and delivery confirmation from a third-party courier service. If a seller can show this, they can win a PayPal dispute against a buyer.

PayPal issues refunds easily enough as long as the buyer has followed good dispute procedure and is pushing for resolution. If you can prove that the item wasn’t received, and the seller cannot provide proof of delivery, you’re more than likely to get your money back.

Can PayPal Help Me Get A Refund?

PayPal offers protection on your purchases if you pay through the goods and services option. This means that you can get a refund through PayPal’s platform if something goes wrong, for example if an item is not received or is faulty.

However, if you use the friends and family option to pay for something, there’s no way to claim a refund through PayPal. That said, they are happy to help you if you have sent money to a scammer through your PayPal account.

If you’ve sent someone money via PayPal without an item being received in exchange, then PayPal will offer their assistance with specific guidance on how to get your money back. Simply raise a dispute through PayPal to begin the process of getting a refund.

Can PayPal Help Me Get A Refund

How Do I Complain About A PayPal Seller?

It’s important to know that PayPal is not responsible for the actions of their sellers. They are a business payment company, so if you have problems with the goods or services that you paid for using PayPal, you need to take it up directly with them.

For example, if you’ve bought an item that doesn’t match the description given by the seller, you have every right to open a PayPal dispute. This is also the case if your item takes longer than expected to arrive, or if it turns up faulty.

If you’re unhappy with the goods that you bought through PayPal, then speak directly to the seller first before opening a PayPal dispute. If they are unable to resolve the matter for you directly, then open a dispute and PayPal will step in to try and resolve your complaint.

Does PayPal Cover Items Lost In The Post?

If an item is posted by the seller but gets lost in the post, both the buyer and seller are left in a difficult position. Whilst the buyer has not received the item, the seller has sent it, paid for the postage and has proof that the item was posted.

In this situation, PayPal will issue a refund to the customer and the seller will need to claim the money back from the courier or postal service for the loss of the item. For this reason, we’d always recommend that sellers ensure that their delivery company offers adequate insurance for the items that they are posting.

Can I Contact PayPal By Phone?

Whilst the PayPal app allows you to contact customer services quickly and easily, sometimes you need to talk to someone on the phone. The PayPal phone number is 020 8080 6500. Alternatively, if you are calling from a landline telephone, you can use the phone number 0800 358 9448.

Can My Bank Reverse A PayPal Payment?

The short answer is no. Once money has been received by someone and they’ve checked the funds, there’s no way to get that money back. PayPal will not refund the payment if it’s been deposited into an account after being transferred from your bank account, unless you have paid through goods and services and the item has not been received, is faulty or has missing parts.

If your bank account has been hacked or you have authorised a transaction from another bank account that you don’t have access to, then you’ll need to contact your bank directly and go through their fraud processes.

What Is Goods And Services On PayPal

What Is Goods And Services On PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment methods.  However, it’s important to always remember exactly how PayPal works and what protections it offers. If you pay for an item using the friends and family option, there’s no way to claim a refund through PayPal if something goes wrong with your purchase.

If you want to ensure that you’re protected when shopping online, then always use the goods and services option when making a payment

Who Pays The Goods And Services Fee On PayPal?

When a purchase is made through PayPal goods and services, the seller will be charged a fee. The buyer will not have a pay a fee for using this service.

The fee that the seller is charged for using PayPal is calculated based on a percentage of the total value of the transaction. This percentage will be dependent on how much the seller earns through PayPal and may change every month depending on the income of the previous month.

Can I Appeal PayPal Decision?

If you’ve been involved in a PayPal dispute, but you’re unhappy with how it has been settled by the company, then there may be an opportunity to reopen your case. This is called an appeal, and can only be done within 48 hours of the original decision being made.

Make sure that any new information that you include in your appeal is relevant to the original dispute and that you have a good reason for wanting to reopen your case.

In Summary

There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering a gift online only for it to never turn up. In today’s increasingly digital world, online shopping is quickly becoming the norm and PayPal is one of the most popular ways to pay, thanks to the increased levels of protection that it offers to buyers.

If you’ve been struck by an item not received, PayPal will refund the money to you, providing you used the goods and services option when paying for your purchase. You’ll need to contact the seller directly first, and then escalate your dispute to a claim if it isn’t dealt with satisfactorily by the seller.